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Forget everything you think you know about manufacturing. Today, companies make things using robots, 3D printers, artificial intelligence, and more to build the future in safe, clean, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.
These jobs of the future require skills of the future, which is why more than 2,000 modern manufacturing jobs are open in Northeast Ohio alone. 

IM体育足球下载's support of the workforce development system in the region ranges from partnering with our local community colleges, administration of a specific program to engage and develop high school students, and leadership of a county manufacturing sector partnership.

Community College Partners 

Our local community colleges are the region's greatest asset in providing the training, technical skills, and other important support services for the future workforce.


Cuyahoga Community College’s manufacturing programs are developed in conjunction with industry professionals, allowing our graduates to enter the workforce immediately. Recent studies performed by the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Association of Manufacturers show a need for workers trained in advanced manufacturing, and the demand is expected to grow as the manufacturing sector expands. Our training programs are up to date and range from 32-hour workshops to 500-hour in-depth programs that lead to industry-recognized credentials, certifications and apprenticeships. College credit toward an associate degree is awarded in specific programs. Our instructors can also deliver contract training at your facility.

Learn more about Cuyahoga Community College manufacturing programs   here.

Lakeland Community College

Learn more about Lakeland Community College manufacturing programs   here.

Lorain County Community College
Lorain County Community College prepares students for manufacturing careers of the future through tailored training in high-demand fields. LCCC offers more than 50 certificates and degrees in manufacturing and engineering programs most needed by local employers, including short-term certificates, applied associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees. LCCC is home to Ohio’s first applied bachelor’s degree in microelectronic manufacturing, as well as bachelor’s degrees from 14 Ohio universities through LCCC’s University Partnership program – all available on the LCCC campus. Programs include internships, apprenticeships and co-op opportunities customized with local employers. Students graduate prepared for the   Future of Work   and ready to thrive in Industry 4.0.

Learn about LCCC’s manufacturing and engineering programs here .  

Stark State College

Stark State College is your full-service workforce training partner!

As your workforce training partner, we provide:

  • Hundreds of low cost, professionally led training course options in both credit and non-credit formats
  • Registered Apprenticeship, Industrial training, and customizable employee skill training options available
  • Access to education and training from stark State’s highly credentialed and industry seasoned faculty
  • Variety of educational schedule and delivery options: onsite at your location, online, or one of Stark State’s convenient locations
  • Over 40 years of partnering with business and industry to produce in-demand value added skill sets for students

Please visit our website or contact us directly   at 330-494-6170. For non-credit or general workforce, click here .   For Engineering or Industrial Technology or apprenticeship programming, click here .

Early College, Early Career Program   

By building awareness in 10th grade, conducting skills training at local community colleges in 11th and 12th grades, then moving students into paid internships in 12th grade, the  Early College, Early Career program (ECEC)  promotes economic inclusion, increased career readiness, social equality with economic opportunity to all, and revitalized local communities through increasing employment and prosperity.

ECEC offers high school students the chance to directly experience manufacturing careers through skill-building activities and paid internships. Along the way, students earn college credit from our well-regarded community college partners (currently Tri-C and LCCC) , manufacturing certifications, and even job offers. Upon graduation from high school, students will have the option to continue their education, continue working at their companies, or do both simultaneously.

High schoolers, here’s how it works:

  • If you're selected for the program, a Northeast Ohio company will hire you for a paid internship 1-2 days per week.
  • You’ll be trained on-site in state-of-the-art tools and machinery, all while earning college credit from Tri-C or LCCC.
  • The company may then offer you a job after you graduate, depending on your performance and experience.

Interested?  Click here to get in touch


Workforce Connect Manufacturing Sector Partnership  

IM体育足球下载 and the Greater Cleveland Partnership were named the intermediaries of the Cuyahoga County  Manufacturing Sector Partnership  in early 2019.  Initiated by the Workforce Funders Group, this initiative is an employer-owned, employer-led collaboration developed to attack the talent gap in Cuyahoga County manufacturing.  Most manufacturers in Cuyahoga county reporting that their growth is being hampered by a lack of skilled workers, IM体育足球下载 is playing a key role in bringing manufacturing leaders, workforce development organizations, and education institutions together to develop and execute the strategies that will help bring thousands of new people into manufacturing career paths over the next few years.

Interested in learning more or getting involved?   Visit the  Manufacturing Sector Partnership website  to learn more .

Fast-Track Training Programs

Fast-track training programs—and your talent pipeline—when your company owns workforce development.

A core piece of IM体育足球下载’s mission is to ensure manufacturers have the skilled workers they need to grow.  Part of that solution is to upskill existing workers, including people who are out of work, looking for a change, or just underemployed.

IM体育足球下载 is leading the development of numerous community college offerings that we call “fast-track training” for in-demand occupations, including CNC machining and welding. Sometimes referred to as “Right Skills Now,” the program started as a partnership between Tri-C and Swagelok. Since the inception of fast-track training at Swagelok in 2014, more than 100 students have been hired by Swagelok and other small employers. IM体育足球下载 has since scaled the program to Lorain County Community College and Stark State College. And i n 2018, IM体育足球下载 partnered with nonprofit organizations in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland to pilot a neighborhood-specific training program for adult residents, resulting in five new jobs.

As fast-track trading programs scale across the region, it engages more employers in these new areas. The challenge is that, despite the availability of high-paying jobs, many seats are still available in these training programs.  

Contact IM体育足球下载 to learn more .


Ohio MEP Summer Internship Programs  

For the past several years, the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Summer Internship Program has leveraged the MEP Center network to place high school students in advanced manufacturing jobs, with success increasing year after year. In 2017 alone, 76 students from 31 Ohio high schools and tech/career centers were placed at 40 employers around the state. These students worked in high-demand, high-growth areas including precision machining, electrical trades, welding, manufacturing technology, industrial mechanics, automated manufacturing technology, CNC machining, computerized design and drafting, and material handling and receiving.

The program is expanded significantly in summer 2018, with the goal of placing over 150 students via the MEP Centers across the state. In the end, the Ohio MEP Summer Internship Program assists students and educators in establishing future employment connections; allows students to acquire valuable work experience, improve their soft skills, and advance their technical knowledge learned in the classroom; and provides employers with trained, prepared students to potentially join their future workforce.

Interested?   Contact IM体育足球下载 or the Ohio MEP to learn more .


IM体育足球下载 is focused on scalable solutions that engage communities and manufacturers. By unlocking the full potential of students and unemployed adults, workforce development programs will economically transform Northeast Ohio neighborhoods by bringing high-paying, skilled employment to residents.

Ethan Karp, CEO, IM体育足球下载