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Turning a new product idea into reality isn't easy. IM体育足球下载 helps validate markets, and develop, prototype, and launch new products.

Some manufacturers have a new product idea that sits on the shelf, gets stuck in development, or needs the final push to the finish line. Some need help brainstorming new product ideas or how to enter new markets. Others are simply too busy to take on new ideas and new engineering on top of everything else they have going on. Whatever your new product roadblock is, we get it. Let's talk about your product design and development needs .

IM体育足球下载's team of product design and development experts work closely with your team to:


Test Market Potential

What good is a new product if your target market and customers lack a need or interest? IM体育足球下载 works with you to test how your products will satisfy prospective customer pain points and improve existing market solutions. 


Develop Prototypes

Prototyping reduces uncertainty and decreases risk by catching design flaws before full-scale production. IM体育足球下载 supports in every stage of prototyping— from selecting the right material for your product to durability testing. 


Improve Supply Chain

Gain access to local companies for full-scale production through IM体育足球下载's network. We'll work with you to iron out your supply chain, so your new product goes from the manufacturing to distribution with ease.

How One Manufacturer Launched a New Product Using IM体育足球下载's Trusted Product Development Approach

FirstPower Group had an innovative product idea, but they needed assistance in product design and prototyping. IM体育足球下载 de-risked the process by using 3D printing during the design and prototyping. We’ve helped redesign the product after prototyping, and now we’re helping FirstPower make the first production lot. 

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"IM体育足球下载's been a great advisor for the growth and development of our company. The big trouble we had getting our product into the market was coming up with a design that was both durable and could withstand large electrical fields, and that's where IM体育足球下载 came into play. They helped us figure out a good way to put this together and build it, and they put us in touch with manufacturing facilities to get these parts made."

Robert Kinner, Chemical Engineer,  FirstPower Group LLC



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The secret to growth? New products and markets. 

IM体育足球下载’s team of engineering experts and product development advisors has decades of engineering experience coupled with deep marketing and sales expertise. We’ve seen it all—our past projects range from pocketknives to tank manufacturing equipment (and everything in between).

We work with your team to validate new product ideas and market potential, provide technical design, build and test prototypes, and develop launch strategies. Our process is built with the customer and market front-and center, and the products we design are built with your growth goals in mind.

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Our phased product development approach lowers risk and costs.

The core of IM体育足球下载’s product development service is our proven ideation process. Our tried-and-true approach helps you identify new product ideas and validate marketplace needs prior to development to lower overall risk and costs going forward.

The IM体育足球下载 engineering team will work with you to turn your idea into reality, using the latest modeling and prototyping technologies to provide a product that your target customers can touch, test, and give valuable feedback.

When complete, IM体育足球下载 will work with you to develop your supply chain to manufacture your new product.

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Could a new machine help you develop new products and enter new markets?

Get in touch with IM体育足球下载 to uncover how a new, custom machine reduces unplanned downtime increases outputs,   frees up valuable employee time , and potentially helps  enter new markets .

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Meet our product design and development
growth advisors and engineering experts.


Mike Pintz

Director, Engineering Services

Nick McClellan

Nick McClellen

Senior Design Engineer


Michael Keller

Senior Product Development Engineer


Joe Work

Senior Growth & Innovation Advisor

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